Pre-owned 10′ x 30′ Combo Barn

$8,170.00 $4,085.00

Type: Combo Barn
Building Size: 10′ x 30′
Siding Type: Rustic Board and Batten
Siding Color: Hawthorne Stain
Roof Color: Rustic Red
Stalls/Run-Ins: x1 8’x10′ run-in; x1 10’x10′ stall
Doors/Gates: Solid wood door on stall; wood gate on run-in
Divider Walls: Powder coated steel over 48″ high poplar hardwood kick board divider wall between the run-in and stall. Solid wall between stall and tack room, and tack room and chicken coop.
Stall Lining: run-in and stall lined with 48″ high poplar hardwood kick boards.
Tack Room: 10×8 Tack Room
Chicken Coop: 10×6 Chicken Coop w/ x6 nesting boxes w/ exterior access, small chicken door, egg access door, and a man door w/ Plexiglas and wire mesh.
Windows: x1 30″x30″ hinged wood window in the back of the run-in, stall (with wire mesh on this section), the tack room, and the chicken coop. Coop has wire mesh over the window.
Other: solid wood door on the tack room 36″ wide; 20″ pine cupola w/ weather vane
Overhang: Standard 18″

36 Month RTO:  $207.56


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Free delivery and setup up to 50 miles from Cumberland Furnace, TN.

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