10’x32′ Combo Barn

Type: Horse Barn
Building Size: 10’x32′
Siding Type: Rustic Board and Batten
Siding Color: Baja Beige
Trim Color: Baja Beige
Roof Color: Galvalume
Stalls/Run-Ins: (1) 10’x10′ run-in (1) 10’x10′ stall (1) 6’x10′ Tack Room (1) 6’x10′ Chicken Coop
Doors/Gates: 8′ Metal gates on run-in
Divider Walls: Powder coated steel over 48″ high poplar hardwood kick board divider walls between the run-ins
Stall Lining: Run-ins lined with 48″ high poplar hardwood kick boards.
Windows: 30″x30″ hinged wood window in the back of the run-ins
Overhang: 18″ overhang

Rent to Own Available!