Online financing

We offer Online Financing for Cabins and Storage Sheds. Apply Here!

  • Fixed-interest rates.
  • Loan amounts ranging from $5,000 to $100,000.
  • Unsecured,with no liens or collateral requirements.
  • No fees, down payment requirements or prepayment penalties
  • Apply online and receive a quick response during business hours

Rent to Own

We offer Rent to own financing on Cabins with the exterior finished only! Rent to own is an option if you don’t want a credit check and if you want a more flexible arrangement.

This program is a no credit check program. Rent the building for 36 or 48 months with no commitment to keep it, if at any time you decide you don’t want the building you simply let us know and we come back and pick it up. After the term of the contract is completed you then own the building outright.

Rent To Own – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?

We  require 10 % down & the first month rent upon delivery of all cabins.  Storage sheds require a smaller security deposit usually $150 – $500 max.  Horse barns and animal shelters we require 50% down on buildings under $3000, over $3000 buildings  we require 25% down.  We do have several companies we work with so check with us to see which one is best for you.

When do my payments begin?

Your first payment will be due on the 5th of the month following the delivery of the building. Every month on the first you will be sent an email or text notice with a payment coupon attached. We prefer auto payments set up at your bank or either to have your credit card on file so we can run on the 5’th of each month.

Can I purchase the storage building after I have entered a Rental Purchase Contract with your company?

You can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties. We apply a discount to your rental agreement based on the term of your rental agreement and the number of payments you have made. Please refer to your Rental Purchase Agreement for details (or contract).

What if something happens and I can no longer pay for my storage building?

A rental contract is a month to month Rental Purchase Agreement. You can terminate your contract at any time. Just call us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the  building.

Do you report to credit agencies?

Since your Rental Purchase Agreement is a monthly rental contract, we do not report to credit agencies. Credit reports are not requested or reviewed to determine eligibility.

Do I have to wait for an approval to participate?

No. Most times we are able give instant approval with completion of all rental information and receipt of your initial payment with a credit card or check.

What are my options for making monthly payments?

You can mail a check or money order to our processing center or you can call in  and pay with credit or debit card by phone. We also provide automatic draft payment options.

Why purchase insurance on the building?

As part of your rental agreement, you are responsible for completing your rental contract if something happens to your unit. For example, if a tree falls on your unit, it is stolen or burns, you are responsible for fulfilling your contract. You would not own your home or a car without protection, so why do so with your portable building / cabin.

What is my interest rate?

This is not a loan. This is a rent-to-own contract with the option to return the unit at any time or fulfill the contract and obtain ownership of the unit.