Our Cabin Construction Process

  • We use 4×6 treated runners under all our buildings.
  • We then fasten 2×4 treated joist 16” OC and fasten with fasteners made for treated wood.
  • We frame up our side walls using high quality lumber and use metal T angle bracing on all log siding buildings and OSB bracing on the front wall.
  • On all sheds with Smart panel siding the studs are 16” OC  (but no corner bracing is required)
  • Our trusses are built with plywood gussets and placed 24” OC
  • Our small log cabins & horse barns come standard with energy star 40 yr metal with a selection of colors available
  • Storage sheds come standard with 7/16 osb and shingles on the roof.

Specifications & Warranty Information:

  • 4×6 skids and floor joists are constructed of treated lumber and carry a 40 year warranty.
  • LP smart panel siding has a 5 year replacement warranty and 50 year prorated warranty.
  • Choose from 25 year Owens Corning shingles or 40 year metal roofing.
  • All exposed wood is nailed with ring shank, galvanized nails to prevent rust.
  • We include a 1 year warranty on any defects resulting from construction or workmanship.