At Hilltop Structures, it’s our goal to not only make the highest quality structures for people throughout Middle Tennessee and its surrounding areas, but also to make it easy for them to get the building of their dreams.

We know that ordering a cabin, shed, barn, or even rustic furniture requires a great deal of planning and tough decisions. And when it’s time to order, you shouldn’t have to deal with the hassles and headaches that are often associated with big-ticket purchases like this. That’s why we’ve streamlined the ordering process to make it faster and easier, regardless of how much customization you need in your new building or furniture.

Ready to Order? Follow These Steps

Ordering from Hilltop Structures is easy. Just follow these steps to ensure that you get the perfect structure or furniture for your home and your property:

Browse our selection of structures online or at our showroom

Our website makes it easy for you to compare our selection of cabins, sheds, and barns, and you can even check out the types of furniture we sell. In addition to high-quality pictures, we also include structural and architectural information about our structures. And if you’d like to see our buildings in person, check out our showroom in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee. We are currently in the process of putting all of our building inventory online so you can shop at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Request more information via our online ordering form

We know that many of our customers want more information about cabins, sheds, and barns—especially if they’re having trouble deciding on the perfect building for their property. If that’s the case for you, don’t hesitate to submit your information to us to get a free quote and answers to any questions you have about our structures and furniture.

You can also get information about rent-to-own and financing options on our website.

Call or visit us to arrange a purchase when you’re ready

After you’ve settled on the right building, give us a call at (615) 789-0062. Our sales representatives will be happy to assist you with the ordering process and answer any final questions you might have before the sale is finalized.

Make sure your property is ready for delivery and setup

If your property is within 50 miles of our location, you’re eligible to receive free delivery and setup. But first, you’ll need to make sure that your property is prepped and ready for both the delivery and setup processes. That means making sure our delivery trucks will be able to access your property. You should also be aware that digging and pouring  concrete footings for the larger cabins or sheds is highly recommended.  (and in some counties required) HillTop Structures has contacts to help you with your site prep. We also have footer plans that we can send you or your Contractor to get the site prep correct.  You may need a crawl space prepared for a cabin you plan to live in (depending on the location) . Horse barns sites need to be relatively level either using clay or fine gravel.  Our sales staff will be able to help you determine the best way to prepare for delivery and setup.

● Financing your project

We realize financing is a huge part of selecting and purchasing a cabin or other structure. We at HillTop Structures are constantly pursuing different financing options because we know how critical that is to many of our customers.

We do have a number of options for you, and Luke our Office Manager will be more than happy to explain the different options to you.

While Rent to own is a viable option for smaller projects, it is not feasible for larger cabins or for the packages that include finishing the interior.

● Call to Order!

This is a very important step in receiving your custom ordered cabin, please take the time to consider colors, type of siding desired, how many windows, insulated or non insulated, entrance doors, house wrap,and what size floor joist does codes call for in your County (for cabins that are for dwellings). Also consider if you want to buy just the exterior shell and do the rest yourself or do you want to buy the interior kit and have HillTop Structures come back and finish the interior after the wiring and plumbing are completed?

On horse barns what size stalls do you need, do you want the open run- in type or enclosed stalls with a permanent door? Do you want to upgrade to dutch doors on the stalls, what about a cupola and weathervane or do we need the gable vents?  Do you want a tack room, what about a chicken coop or storage area?

Before deciding on what kind of shed you want, first think about its purpose? This will help you determine how big should you go, if you need a loft or shelving, a work bench or a basic wiring  package? How far off your property line do you have to stay with this building, do you need a ramp to get your mower inside?

When you call or stop in to order it is best to discuss these details with Luke, our sales manager, so he can help you get all the details correct and ensure our builders do a great   job. We want to make sure when we deliver your building that you are happy and there are no surprises or disappointments on your part.

Hilltop Structures Is Middle Tennessee’s Choice for Portable Buildings and Rustic Furniture

Get the buildings and rustic furniture you want with none of the hassle. Visit us at our showroom in Cumberland Furnace or contact our sales team today by filling out an online form or calling us at (615) 789-0062.