You’ve picked the perfect structure for your property, you’ve paid your deposit or completed your Rent-to-Own paperwork, and now it’s time to prepare your property for its delivery and set up.

To make the process as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible, we recommend that you complete these steps:

Choose the location for the structure wisely.
Ideally, your structure will be installed on flat ground. If your property is full of hills and elevation changes, it may be wise to hire an excavator to level the installation and setup site. While it’s possible to setup our structures on gentle slopes, doing so may require elevating one side of the building several feet. We’ll provide cinder blocks for leveling structures, but you’ll need to provide your own if you plan on elevating the building beyond that purpose.

Choose which way you want the doors to face, the angle of the structure
After your structure is delivered and setup, you’ll want it to be as easy to use and convenient as possible. An overlooked aspect of those factors is the positioning and orientation of the structure’s doors. For example, a storage shed that contains lawn mowers and other heavy equipment will be much less convenient if the doors are elevated and must be accessed via a ramp.

You should also specify any additional customizations you want, including windows (how many and where you want them located on the structure), work benches, electrical wiring, insulation, and interior wall coverings. We can also accommodate crawlspaces, but we’ll need to inspect it prior to delivery to make sure our equipment can lift the structure into place.

After you’ve decided on the choices above, you’ll get information regarding a delivery date. If you’re unable to be at home on the scheduled delivery date, either make sure someone will be on hand to greet the delivery team or give us exact directions on where to set up the building.

When the delivery date arrives, our team will take these steps to make sure your structure arrives at the chosen location on your property safe and sound and ready for immediate use:

We’ll respect your property, yard, trees, and landscaping.
Because we use a small semi-truck to deliver structures, we may need to park away from your property and wheel the building into place. We also need two extra feet of clearance than the maximum width of the structure you ordered to get it onto your property.

We’ll bring all necessary equipment to set up the building.
Everything we need for a proper installation will be on hand. However, bad weather or poor ground conditions may force us to reschedule. In addition, we also ask that you trim back low-hanging trees and branches that could interfere with delivery and setup.

We’ll dig footings and mix/pour concrete to set the building if necessary.
If we need to pour concrete, that means we’ll also need to use a concrete truck. If you’re concerned about a concrete truck being driven onto your property, please note that we can also utilize a lighter concrete buggy instead.

If you’re home when your structure is being delivered, you’re free to watch and assist by pointing out where you want it to be set up. However, make sure that you, your children, and your pets stay back for safety reasons.

Finally, note that rescheduling a delivery may push back your delivery date by several days or weeks, as we have a tight schedule.

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